Phillip Jones

Looking back I realise confusion ruled my life.
The names that people called me, cut deep like a knife
I knew that I was different, I tried my best to change
I chose to have a girlfriend but to me it just felt strange
Not normal, wrong, indecent some things that people said
How do I keep on going with these things inside my head?
I had no one to guide me, no one to hold my hand
Just some one listen and maybe understand.
Religion didn't understand, I slowly fell apart
They said that it was an illness, but God gave me this heart
Protests , Marches, Gay parades opened people's eyes
Famous names came forward sick of living lies
At last we were excepted, we could hold our heads up high
Laws were past protecting us, old beliefs they wave goodbye
I didn't choose to be this way, I won't hang my head in shame
I'll live the way I want to, no longer filled with pain.

This has been my life. Still I have to justify it. So I always read this to reassure myself.