I tried
Jonathan Gibbs

A perfectionist is what I am,
At least that’s what they say
When Old MacDonald had a farm,
He ordered too much hay

I always try to make things right,
Get everything just so,
I really hope, when winter comes,
That we will see some snow

It really isn’t good you see,
To always strive to be
The very best that you can be,
Not good for you or me

Plaguing self-doubt,
The constant comparison,
Where will it end?
I wanna be glad again

Perhaps it is time
For a little reflection
A time to sit down
And have introspection

We can’t always be
Perfect, you see
It’s okay to stray,
To fail, to play

Have time to experiment,
Try things a new way
Let things go wrong,
That’s really okay

People won’t judge you,
As much as you think,
And if ever they do,
I’ll buy you a drink

Their comments will fade,
You’ll learn some new things
And then you’ll find
It... happiness brings!

Allow yourself to make mistakes
And mess things up a lot
And then you can just laugh it off
If it all goes to pot

After all, I think you’ll see
That nobody can say
That Old MacDonald had a farm,
Each and every day

I’m getting a little off-track here,
What did I mean to say?
Oh yes, that’s right:
Forget about that hay

My point is this: Consider well,
How you would feel, my friend
If one day, you realised,
That all came to an end

Would you regret, those things not done,
Or would you rather say,
That you don’t mind that all that time,
Got kind of thrown away

So seize the day, and do your stuff,
Get ready for the ride
I know it may be rather tough
But at least you can say, “I tried”