Who Cares!
Dee Allison

Being in isolation for over a year,  Who Cares?  I care,

Travelling on a bus, a train or walking in shops - wearing a mask, who cares? I do.

Walking in the forest, breathing in the smell,  seeing the birds flutter from branch to branch. Who cares?  I care

Watching the colours change from winter into spring, seeing the undergrowth move by some tiny creature.Who cares?  I do.

On wash day, wind blowing through the washing on the line. Who cares? I care.

Rising early to see the sun creep up and feel the warmth of dawn on my skin or the evening setting sun with the moon pushing its face into view.  Who Cares?  I do.

Seeing children run and play out in the open and watch the mothers in groups chatting with one eye on the disappearing feet.  Who cares?  I care.

Hearing the morning traffic through the bedroom window, increasing and rushing down the road with anticipation .. or not.  Who cares?  I do.

Finally after months of promises, the vaccination and outdoor freedom for us oldies, Who cares.?   I care

and I can now cheer loudly too.