The Ears
Dee Allison

The ears, a part of the body
One of the five senses, if you are lucky,
The ears, forgotten most of the time,
Unless used to hang baubles, some of the time,
Ears come in many types, shapes and sizes,
used by some to support arms of glasses
Ears help us keep alert and awake to traffic and danger
or to hear the music from a busking street stranger,
whispers and shouts and noise others make
All in a day of our lives we take.
From Joy and chatter to babies and clatter,
Buses, Planes and trains and old ladies natter,
Ears help us to hear the voices of nature
from rivers, birds and bees to wind and leaves
this all comes us in many different ways
but keeps us going connected to our normal days
Ears are found on either side of our face
on which hook our mask to keep other people safe.