Cure For a Face Drop
Cecilia Ramshaw

As my fingers feel my face & that unhealed spot on my forehead (ripe for picking )
I'd hoped to cover it with my ever-receding hairline, mmm like the beach waits for the tide, well ! Wish me luck with that one ! And unplucked eyebrow branches, well, good on ya girl. No need to go through that pain anymore ! It was just a chance for a non-friend to come & take out their jealousy on ya & they're too fragile now in the sun, anyway. Then there's those faint eyelid pimples, ha like apples in bud. Well, stay in bud ! Bud !
Anyway, these days I keep my eyelids closed more often & my two blue oceans beneath, look dreamily at their polka dot skies ; respite with a view.
Then, there's my poor old nose with flakes of skin that never want to leave ! Good thing I can call on the cavalry, my thick foundation & getting thicker !
What a cheek, say my cheeks !
Those flaky lodgers refusing to go ! So I use my puff & powder to calm them down. But those sneaky lines at the corners of my mouth always disagree & return to their relentless roadworks. It's a competition to reach my chin !
Well ! It's time for a U turn, Time !!
Iza fightin back ! With a big fat SMILE !! ?

C. Ramshaw