Somedays Somedays
Angela Campbell

Some days l don't think l'm helpful to others
Somedays l neither want to help others
much less talk to them or them talking to me
l want to be transparent only to be seen when it suits
somedays l can't even look in the mirror l feel l'm not worthy or attractive person
Somedays l feel beautiful/pretty somedays l feel ugly
Somedays l hate myself.
Somedays l love myself. Happens to everyone.
Somedays l feel low somedays l feel high.
Somedays l laugh somedays l cry.
Somedays l feel pain; sorrows somedays l feel happy and joyful

Somedays Somedays

This form of poetry is part of a process in my journal, paths of thought processes that, over decades of agonizing mental gymnastics, of frequently different emotional life impacts, led to my discovery of writing and by others' positive encouragement of my way of writing cards, expressions of love and of how l verbally use expressions to describe wildlife and nature.