A song for my baby girl
Anita Ferguson

It's been so many seconds,
And minutes and hours
Since I've seen you,
Held you.

You can't sleep
And you cry cause
I'm not there to sing you to sleep.

I missed seeing you
Blow out your birthday candles.
When I get out of here,
I'll make you a big, big cake,
Like a butterfly,
Covered in chocolate
And Jelly Tots,
Unwind liquorice for antennae.

We'll cycle by the river,
You in my basket,
Christ Church bells
Will ring out the early morning.
We'll lay in the tickly grass,
Eyes closed against the sun;
Make daisy chains and
Pictures with sparkly bits.
I'll swing you up high,
High up to the sky.
I love your giggles.

And we'll dance;
We'll cuddle and we'll dance,
You and me.

I'll never let you go again.

But, 'til then,
As I lie here in the dark,
I'll sing to you.
What shall I sing?

Snuggle up, Sweet Pea.
Put in your thumb
And close your eyes.
Don't cry.
Don't cry, my darling,
My darling:

I'm singing to you.
Listen, Little One.
Can you hear me sing?
Can you hear?

Just listen.


This takes me back to a very tough time when I was in hospital for many weeks. My daughter was very young and it hurt a great deal when I was told she cried in bed every night. I had sung her to sleep every night, before she was even born. I had been singing with my granddaughter on Facetime and it took me back to that time. I went straight to a pen and wrote it down in a few minutes, so it's very much off the cuff. I hope you like it.